Filler Up Hair Building Fibers 2-50 Gram Bottles

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Hair Building Fibers were designed for men and women who suffer from thinning hair, Alopecia, Chemo related hair loss and other hair loss related concerns.


No Matter what the reason for hair loss or thinning, whether it be medications, menopause, thyroid or male/female pattern baldness. Hair Building Fibers are a great Cosmetic Enhancer that give you a thicker looking head of hair in a matter of seconds

How do Hair fibers work?

Hair fibers are a cosmetic application that is applied when ever you wish to conceal hair loss. When applied  Hair Building Fibers work by adding volume to each individual hair stand and masking the scalp that is showing the thinning areas, making your hair thicker and concealing that thinning areas. Your hair loss will no longer be an issue, you can be confident day to day with hair fibers

How to use:

Apply to clean dry hair. Hold the can 5-7 inches over the thinning areas & shake.

Finish styling hair and then set  with hairspray for an all day hold.

Why Filler Up?


Being a retailer for a long time we saw a need for a more affordable solution for hair fibers.  We do not spend a lot on fancy bottles or labels. Just the basics, good fibers in an easy to use dispensing bottle,  no frills.  After all it is the hair fibers themselves that we all really need. 

We also realize that clients may still want their brand they have always been used to using so we have added those to our site at great discounts.  So whatever your preference we have something for everyone.

With Filler Up Fibers  you are getting the same amount of product for much less money than other brands and even better it will work as good or better.

We give an unconditional guarantee so why not try them.


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